Innovative Grill Bag™
Innovative Grill Bag™
Innovative Grill Bag™
Innovative Grill Bag™
Innovative Grill Bag™

Innovative Grill Bag™

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From today these extraordinary barbecue bags will drive your guests crazy!
Would you like to invite your relatives, friends or acquaintances and have that feeling of joy within you?

With these Innovative BBQ Bag™ you can finally show everyone your Grilled Chef skills. Nobody will expect it, but you will make everyone speechless!

The extraordinary idea of ​​John Netz (Famous American chef with 4 Michelin stars) is already driving thousands of people crazy.

With the innovative grill bags, you will no longer have to stand by the grill for hours to turn vegetables. You can finally enjoy Sunday with friends.

You won't have to turn each slice of vegetables individually, making sure you don't burn food when you're distracted with your friends. They also prevent food from falling between the cracks or sticking to the grill.

The net has been designed with the latest generation of PTFE non-stick material which is perfectly suitable for food (therefore 100% non-toxic). It is the definitive solution to prevent food from sticking to the grill. The smoke and heat passes through the holes to give flavor to the meat, vegetables, fish, shrimp, bacon, chicken wings, mushrooms, onions and much more.

Since they are dishwasher safe, after eating you won't have to spend more time cleaning the grill, but you can enjoy your company in a carefree way.

John Netz's start-up, just brought to the American market, has achieved record sales in a few months. Finally, a few weeks ago they are also available in Italy.

Given the high demand we have already run out of stocks once, disappointing many interested customers. In these days we have restored the warehouses and to remedy we have launched an offer of 50%, unfortunately only in limited quantities. Take advantage now!

Here's why choose the Non-stick Barbecue Bags:

  • They don't mess the grill
  • Vegetables don't break or spoil
  • You don't waste time turning each slice individually
  • The smallest pieces will not fall into the cracks in the grill
  • Turn the prawns, the meat, the vegetables in one movement
  • You can make special recipes, such as Chicken Teriyaki (just pour over the sauce), caramelized onions and many others
  • Incredible but true, you can put some corn and popcorn on the grill
  • Very easy to clean: Simply clean them with a sponge or simply put them in the dishwasher


  • Resistant up to 320 ° C (can also be used in the oven)
  • Material: PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene, heat resistant material)
  • Measures: 22 x 27cm
  • Resistant up to 500 uses
  • Closures with snap buttons so that food remains safe inside the bag
  • They work perfectly with any grill: wood, charcoal, electricity and gas.
  • Easy to use and clean

Used by millions of people worldwide:

  • Star chefs: An indispensable tool for the best star chefs in the world
  • Housewives: Used by housewives to prepare delicious dishes for the whole family
  • Kiosks: They are now also used in many kiosks to speed up cooking and automatically earn more
  • Festivals: Use a lot in festivals, where you have to grill in large quantities

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